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About Us


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Lotus Thermoplastics Inc

(LTI) is a force in the thermoformed plastics market. With expertise in injection molding, plastic extrusion, and vacuum forming, we deliver high-quality products across diverse industries. Operating in four primary verticals, including retail presentation, electronics, automotive manufacturing, and culinary packaging, LTI has strong connections within the plastics world.

Why choose us

Cost effective

The packaging solutions offered by LTI are affordable for businesses, and payment terms can be based on individual agreements with each client.

Business effective

Our packages are eco-friendly and can be adapted to the specific needs of our clients, perfectly fitting their requirements.



Easy Step for Your Project

01. Prospection

At LTI, our dedicated salesforce seeks out potential clients, and once a project is identified, we ensure a smooth setup process with a signed agreement by the clients.


02. Processing

After ordering the necessary materials, LTI promptly proceeds with the production of the packages.

03. Delivery

Upon completion of quality assurance measures, LTI ships the products to clients, adhering to specific payment terms tailored to each customer's agreement.

What defines us?

We are passionate craftsmen dedicated to the art of creating custom packaging solutions that define excellence. With our expertise and dedication, we stand as a trusted partner for various industries, providing safe, elegant, and reliable packaging for consumer goods.


Our vision

We drive advancements through innovation, striving for sustainability and cutting-edge solutions.


Our value

Assuring quality and efficiency by embracing a streamlined approach with modern equipment and lean principles.


Our Mission

We are dedicated to producing quality products on time, nurturing strong client bonds through lean manufacturing, and offering unparalleled value with cost-effective domestic production.



With a streamlined, minimalist approach. We advocate the use of modern equipment that reduces energy, labor and material waste.

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